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As part of the 100 Voices Project, the Desert Divas created a quilt patch about the healing powers of music for International Women’s Day back in 2011. Two years later we catch up with acclaimed songwriter and Desert Diva mentor Catherine Satour to discuss how this message has changed and get her advice to young women on staying strong and following her dreams.

As we started to travel with the quilts and collect stories from across Central Australia, we noticed that women in different places had different ways of supporting each other through unhealthy relationships. A lot of women living in small towns and communities outside Alice Springs spoke about the importance of going bush – hunting, camping and relaxing – in staying strong.

Going Bush is a narrative script created from a story from a woman who spent many years living in Ernabella (Pukatja) and the stories on a quilt made by some ladies in Warburton. It talks about why it’s important to get out of the house when you are feeling down, and some of the things women enjoy doing when they go bush.