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Celeste Liddle: Keynote Speech

Celeste Liddle discribes herself on her blog as an Arrernte, feminist, hard left, trade unionist, with a taste for protopunk. An accidental opinion writer, occasional radio interviewee and blogger at “Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist” Below is her keynote speech she gave at Putting Gender on the Agenda conference in Alice Springs. The conference was a […]

Abusive Texts on the Rise

Abusive Texts and Phone Harrassment on the Rise Trigger warning: This post deals with domestic violence and suicide, and may be triggering for some readers. Imagine a man messaged his girlfriend a list of reasons why she was “not worthy.” Imagine that 34-item list accused her of having a “fat gut”, a “loose” vagina and […]

Aboriginal ‘sistergirls’ launch new service – ABC

A new support service for people of diverse gender, sex and sexuality has been launched in Alice Springs today An advocacy group has been formed to lobby for the human rights of people of diverse gender, sex and sexuality in the Northern Territory. Sistergirls Brie Curtis and Crystal Love are co-founders of Sisters and Brothers […]