The Central Australian Family Violence and Sexual Assault Network (CAFVSAN)

The CAFVSAN network meets on a monthly basis to provide a forum for discussion of issues, sharing of information and advocacy in relation to domestic and family violence matters.

The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter acts as the CAFVSAN secretariat, and the network is currently chaired by Northern Territory Council of Social Services NTCOSS.

The primary objective of CAFVSAN is to work towards ensuring our community is free of domestic and family violence and sexual assault.

Guiding Principles of CAFVSAN

  • Everyone has the right to be free from all forms of violence and fear of violence.
  • Action on violence prevention is the responsibility of the whole community.
  • The responsibility for violent acts and their consequences rests entirely with the perpetrator. Practices which assist perpetrators to deny or avoid responsibility for their behaviour will be critically examined and replaced with more appropriate practices
  • The community needs to be empowered and mobilised to take action on Domestic/Family Violence and Sexual Assault.
  • Domestic/Family Violence and Sexual Assault is most frequently perpetrated by men against women and children.
  • Violence against women and children needs to be understood in its entire social context
  • The immediate and on-going safety of women and children is of paramount importance in all interventions.
  • CAFVSAN has a responsibility to be inclusive of the cultural, social, linguistic and geographic diversity of the Central Australian population.
  • The network is committed to pro-active engagement of Aboriginal community members.
  • It is the responsibility of all network members to act as a conduit between their ‘communities of interest’ and the network.

The Network

The following organisations send representatives to the CAFVSAN meetings, or receive minutes from CAFVSAN:

Alice Springs Transformation Plan, Anglicare,  Alice Springs Women’s Shelter, Alice Springs Hospital, Central Australian Women’s Legal Service, Central Australian Aboriginal Family Legal Unit, Centrelink, Cross Borders Indigenous Family Violence program, Department of Justice, Holyoake, Inkintja Men’s Health (Congress), NPY Women’s Council, Police Domestic and Personal Violence Unit, Relationships Australia, Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Tangentyere Council, Women’s Information Service.

CAFVSAN Guiding Principles and Definitions 22nd November 2011