Counselling:  Different strokes for different folks

Counselling may assist women to tell their unique story and to reflect on that story in different ways. It may also assist women to manage life experiences or to heal from the trauma of violence. Violence in relationships can result in complex issues requiring a variety of counselling supports during a woman’s journey.

The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter and Outreach Service both have a domestic violence counsellor that is available to meet with women and their families (excluding perpetrators) for a one on one session either at the Shelter, Outreach office, at home, or at another arranged meeting place. A referral can be made either verbally or via email. Counselling in this setting is voluntary and can be by appointment or at any convenient time for the client.

Women who have already left a relationship of domestic violence, or children who witnessed or experienced violence in their family home but are now adults, can also access this counseling service.

If you would like any further information please approach the ASWS or Outreach Service. The Counsellor will be able to provide written and verbal information.