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Alice Springs Women’s Shelter (ASWS) is the only specialist domestic violence support service for all women in Alice Springs and the Wider Central Australian region. We provide a range of services including crisis accommodation, outreach and counselling, along with a number of other services to support women in maximising their own and their children’s safety.


Alice Springs Women’s Shelter (ASWS) provides a range of support for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. The services include emergency accommodation, outreach support, court support and counselling.

Crisis Accommodation

The Accommodation

The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter (ASWS) provides a 30 bed high security crisis accommodation service for women and children under immediate threat of domestic violence.

There are staff members on site 24 hours of the day and night, who are available to review and accept referrals, and provide direct support to the residences.

Children’s Support

Women often access the Alice Springs Women’s Shelter seeking safety not only for themselves but also for their children. All our staff work to create a positive atmosphere to support the children and focus on their individual needs.

We have a specialist Children’s Support Worker at ASWS to support you and your children through an often traumatic time of upheaval. Stability is important for children, and during this difficult time we facilitate the children to continue to go to school to establish their routine.

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program commenced in 2009 and works closely with a number of other services in Alice Springs to provide a strong support network to women experiencing domestic violence.

The Outreach team provides free support to any woman in Alice Springs who has experienced, or continues to experience, domestic violence.

Women’s Group

The Women’s Group makes up part of the Outreach Program and is held on a weekly basis in a number of communities in Alice Springs. It provides a space for women to come together and share their experiences while engaging in fun art and craft activities.

Counselling Services

The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter and Outreach Program both have a free domestic violence counselling service for women and children who have experienced, or continue to experience domestic violence. 

Court Support Service

The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter (ASWS) provides court support services through our Court Support Officer, to all women who have experienced or continue to experience domestic violence.

The Court Support Officer assists women primarily in civil law matters such as when making an application to the court to obtain a Domestic Violence Order. However, assistance is also provided in criminal law cases for instance when a woman is called on as a witness to give evidence about a past domestic violence incident. 

Community Services We Work With

We recognise that many of the women who approach our service need support with not only domestic violence, but also with a range of other issues that may be causing stress and anxiety in their lives.

ASWS works collaboratively with other agencies in Central Australia and interstate to provide a well-rounded service to women and their children. We are able to refer women onto other services that specialise in their particular need. 

Men’s Behaviour Change Program

The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter (ASWS) works in partnership with the Tangentyere Council and the Jesuit Social Services to provide a program aimed at curbing the high rate of domestic violence in Central Australia.

The program is funded by the Alice Springs Transformation Plan, which makes up part of the Northern Territory Government and Australian Government Initiative aiming to improve the lives of Alice Springs residents in the long term