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Domestic Violence Orders

Your Rights

You have the right to feel safe. This is one of your Human Rights. The Government has an obligation to take reasonable and effective measures to prevent, investigate, punish and redress domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Law in the Northern Territory

The purpose of the domestic violence law is to keep all people safe and protected from domestic violence. The law aims to reduce and prevent violence and to make people who
commit domestic violence, take responsibility for their behaviour.

What is a Domestic Violence Order? 

A domestic violence order is an order made by the Magistrates Court, or in some cases, the Police. The order is to try and protect the victim of domestic violence, their property and
in some cases, their children, from domestic violence. The order sets out rules, or conditions that the defendant has to obey.

Who can apply for a Domestic Violence


Any of the following people can apply to the Court for a domestic violence order:

  • An adult or young person who is in a “domestic relationship” with the defendant;
  • An adult acting on behalf and with the consent of another adult or child who is in a
    “domestic relationship” with the defendant;
  • A Police Officer;
    Officer from Family & Children Services.
  • A young person is someone between the ages of 15 and 18. The Court will only allow a young person to apply for a domestic violence order on their own behalf if the Court is satisfied that the young person understands what the order means and why they are applying for it.

For more information follow this link to Domestic Violence orders- What are they. or Domestic Violence Orders – Information for people in need of protection

If you would like legal advice about your individual situation CAWLS in Alice Springs has a domestic violence legal service.

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