The Alice Springs Womens Shelter provides a range of specialist training in Domestic and Family Violence for the community sector.

Domestic Violence in the Central Australian Context is our flagship training, that we offer approximately 4 times a year.

Facilitated by the Alice Springs Women’s Shelter, this 1 day workshop is for all professionals who are new to working in the field of Domestic Violence, or are new to working in Central Australia.  This training would benefit employees whose core role is not specifically to work with survivors of violence, but whose role may lead to disclosures of abuse. 

Topics covered: local and international research, working with children, risk assessments, safety planning relevant to your role, statutory obligations and mandatory reporting of domestic violene

The training acknowledges that the experience of abuse for women in rural & remote Central Australia may vary significantly to those in urban Australia & explores the unique concepts that workers are faced with in delivering services in this region.


We also offer a range of tailored trainings and inservices on request.


Please contact for further information