Your Safety is Important

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Do you feel UNSAFE or IN DANGER from your; husband, partner, ex-partner, family, extended family, current or ex boyfriend or girlfriend?

This violence does not have to be physical. Domestic violence can be hitting, yelling, telling you when and how you can spend your money or see your family, click here to read more.

If  you are unsafe right now call 000.

If you do not feel safe and need some where to stay you can call the The Alice Springs Women’s Shelter on (08) 8952 6075

Alice Springs Women’s Shelter is a safe place for women and children. There are friendly staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to have a cuppa with if you feel you need to talk or are feeling worried about your or someone else’s safety.

ASWS is a very safe place to stay for women and children wanting to leave the threat of domestic or family violence.

To find out more of what the Women’s Shelter can help you with click here